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Lounge Revamp

I did it…I turned my lounge from this: floral ugh

couch beforeto this: black beauty

couch after

I bought the Tessa lounge from ebay, telling myself I could DIY reupholster. It didn’t take me long to realise it was way beyond my baisic sewing skills so I started considering my options. A professional job is out of our current budget, as we are building and need funds for that. maybe I can paint it…? A search online proved affirmative, even better were the blogs where people had dyed their furniture using Rit liquid dye…hmmmmm

FIrstly I needed to confirm the fabric would absorb liquids, I did this with water. The I bought some Rit and experimented with dilutions. I quickly realised it would be better not to add too much water to it the dye, I wanted to apply only 1 coat rather than several as some bloggers had done.

I raided 4 supermarkets for 18 bottles of rit and used all but 1. Using a bucket to mix it all, I emptied the RIt bottles, then I filled each bottle 3/4 full with warm water and added that to the mix too. I gloved up, put some protection on the floor and went for it. Using about a third of a car sponge and a paintbrush for all the cracks and crevices, I dipped into the bucked and liberally applied. Rubbing into the fabric to ensure coverage. I took the cushions off and did those seperately and covered all the fabric with dye.It went on suprisingly evenly. It took a few days to dry then I sprayed scotch guard all over, twice, to ensure no transfer of dye to us. Other bloggers claim to have no transfer with out the use of scotchguard, so it was a precaution.

for around $200 I have transformed the lounge to something I can live happily with – definatly worth it. I may reupholster one day, but for now it works. Emboldened by my sucess I am working on a leather arm chair and footstool (with leather dye)….I’ll keep you posted with that one.

Here’s a close up of the fabric after the black dye, you can see the design in the fabric, which is quite textured. Another application of the dye may have disgused this further. I was happy enought to leave it after the single coat.

close up

yay Rit!rit


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