Lilli Pilli Wrap

lilli Pilli Wrap Lilli Pilli LP_9_medium2



Hello Knitting Friends, today I have a new design to tell you about. Worked tip to tip in three fun colors; two striped together contrasted with a third for the lace sections, Lilli Pilli is fun to knit, and works up big and cozy. There are so many ways to use color in this project ― let your stash out to play!
Lilli Pilli is a beautiful Australian plant whose deep magenta berries inspired the colors of this shawl.

While knitting my sample I kept thinking of all the other colour possibilities and was not disappointed when I saw all of the beautiful combinations knit up by the wonderful folk who test knit the  pattern, you can see these projects on Ravelry – they will be added over the next few days, I will also post a few on my instagram account this weekend.

see Lilli Pilli on Ravelry here, I have a special introductory offer for this weekend, details on the pattern page


Happy Knitting




Dark Valentine and the All Heart KAL

Dark Valentine 1

Hello, today I have both a new pattern and a KAL (Knit-A-Long) to announce.

Firstly, let me introduce you to Dark Valentine, pictured above:

Dark Valentine continues Ambah’s Lace Heart pattern series with a choice between a single-skein scarf or double-skein wrap. Perfect for a loving gift, for a shoulder cover on a romantic day or a sweet little scarf to wear all the time. Worked in two pieces and grafted in the centre, Dark Valentine’s
construction allows for the hearts to be the right way up on each end.
You can Find Dark Valentine on Ravelry here.
Dark Valentine is the third in a series of 3 patterns featuring the Heart Lace, Dreamy Valentine Shawl and Sweet Valentine Cowl  are the first two designs in the All Heart Collection.
Which brings me to my new eBook; the All Heart Collection – Featuring all three of my Valentine’s designs. There are plenty of variations too, each design has 3 size and/or weight variations to choose from giving the knitter plenty of options.
Plus perfect for a KAL right? That’s what I thought, so we now have the All Heart KAL planned for next month.  While the KAL doesn’t officially start for a few more days (May 1 – June 15, 2015) there is plenty of pre- All Heart KAL chatter going on over in my Ravelry Group
I have just announced the KAL prizes today, and I am pretty excited about the two lovely skeins of gorgeous Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn up for grabs, the winner will be able to select their colours of choice from the Staple Sock or BFL range.redsock blue sock
Plus some All Heart Stitch Marker sets from me (2 winners)
all heart sm
From April 25 – May 2nd , use the discount code allheartkal for 20% off each of the Valentine patterns. The All Heart eBook, with all three Valentine’s patterns will be priced at $12.50 (previous purchase will be counted toward the purchase of the pattern set – more details on the pattern page)
All Heart cover small

Yera Shawl

yera_use_2_medium2 yera_use_8_medium2


Hello Knitting Friends, I’m excited to tell you about a new shawl pattern I published to Ravelry today, the Yera Shawl.

Yera is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning Joyful, which is precisely how I feel about this combination of colour & form. A play of three colours: work in neutral tones, offset your favourite bright colours with contrasting bands, or knit this up in a single colour for something you can grab-and-go.Yera’s simple lace pattern looks more complicated than it is and will appeal to adventurous beginners and advanced knitters alike. Yera is worked from side to side with gradual increases, resulting in an asymmetrical, triangular shape and making it easy to incorporate additional repeats to increase the overall size of this shawl, if desired.

While I was loading the pattern to Ravelry it occurred to me that a Yera KAL was in order, I so love seeing all the colour variations my wonderful Yera test knitters came up with (you can view their projects here) that I realised it would be a fun project to knit in a KAL.

So the Yera KAL is now running in my group over here, and will go until June 10. As well as some fine company to knit your project with, there will be prizes to give you that extra incentive to complete! I’ll be announcing these soon.

I have an Introductory offer: for Yera Shawl purchases this weekend – Enjoy a 20% discount with this pattern with the check out code yera good to midnight Sunday April 12 – in your timezone.


Happy Knitting!




Grafting Lace – Tutorial


This is a grafting tutorial for my yet to be released Dark Valentine Scarf/Wrap Pattern.

The project is worked in 2 pieces from the ends and grafted together in the centre to join.

The steps below can be used for grafting any project on the purl side, eg: simple stockinette will also work with this technique. The lace is worked on the right side, then grafted together on what would be the WS purl rows.

Grafting Steps:

Steps 1 – 3 are worked once, then Repeat steps 4 – 7 until 2 sts remain, pausing to check the tension on your work. For the  last two sts, repeat step 4, then step 6.

step 1

Step 1: Stitches from each half on separate needles, holding them parallel with wrong sides facing. Allow yarn for approximately 3 times the width of the project, use the tail from the piece further away and thread with a tapestry needle.

step 2

Step 2: Insert the needle into the first st, closest to you purlwise and pull it through leaving the st on the needle.

step 3

Step 3: Insert the needle knitwise into the first st of the stitches furthest from you, pull the yarn through and leave the st on the needles.

step 4

Step 4: Insert the needle into the first st of the front needles knitwise, slipping the stitch off the end of the needle.

step 5

Step 5: insert the needle into the next st of the front needle purlwise, pull the yarn through and leave the st on the needle.

step 6

Step 6: Insert the needle into the first st on the back needles, purlwise, pull the yarn through slipping the st off the needle.

step 7

Step 7: insert the needle knitwise into the next st on the back needle, pull the thread through leavning the st on the needle.

step 8

Pause to check the tension as your work through the steps.


Cardinia Wrap


Happy Friday knitters,                                                                                                                           Finally Autumn has kicked in here and it looks all set to be a chilly, knitting friendly weekend here. Here’s one I knit earlier (sorry , couldn’t resist) the Cardinia Wrap and I am hoping it is chill enough to be able to wear it for the first time, I am looking forward to wearing this one. I knit my sample in beautiful Madelinetosh Merino light and, as you can see, had loads of fun selecting the colour combination.

I have a special introductory offer for this design on Ravelry until midnight Sunday, take $1 off the purchase price. More details are over on the pattern page.

Cardinia Wrap is named for the Australian Aboriginal word for Dawn. The layers of soft blue and dark and light neutrals with the star-like eyelets are evocative of the dawn light. Cardinia is a substantial wrap, perfect for the coolest of days. Worked from the bottom up, this is a straight-forward knit to enjoy with your favourite show



Barmah Shawl

Barmah Shawl


The days are finally growing crisp in the mornings, a sign my favourite season Autumn is here. A couple of days ago I was pleased to be wrapping my new design, the Barmah Shawl around to ward off the chill, I have been looking forward to wearing this cosy number, which I happen to have just released on Ravelry today.

Barmah is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “meeting place”. I felt this was an apt name for this shawl with its trio of colours meeting along the way. Barmah knits up quickly in a DK weight yarn, for a cosy and satisfying project. Worked from the top down, the repeats are easily adjusted to make the most of your yardage. Choose 3 colours from the same family for an ombre effect, or go wild and create a technicolour dream-version.

Suitable for advanced beginner knitters.

Introductory offer: for the next 48 hours (to midnight March 5th, in your time zone) the Barmah shawl is only $4 with the check out code Barmah in my Ravelry store here.


Barmah Shawl


kinta pattern


2 is feeling like a rather auspicious number for me right now. 2 years ago, on the 22nd of the 2nd month I released my very first knitting design on Ravelry.  Kinta, pictured above, was my first.

Those two years have passed by by in a whirl, I have published 36 more patterns since then and have another 3 very close to publication and ever more in the works. Ever encouraged by the wonderful knitters who knit beautiful projects and keep my inspiration flowing.

I am looking forward to a great many more years of this and can tell you I have plenty in store for 2015, Meanwhile I wanted to have a special offer to celebrate this anniversary of mine.  For 2 days, from now until Midnight 22nd of the second, in your timezone. I will be offering a 2 for one special, add two patterns from my Ravelry store, and enter the code two on check out and you will only be charged for 1.

I have just been updating all of my patterns to a lovely new format, there is just Billa left to do, Folks who have previously purchased the pattern on Ravelry will have an update sent to them – so easy, I love it! I am quite excited to now have a unified layout to all of my patterns.

I hope your second month of 2015 is cruising along well, I’m feeling much more settled having moved into our (almost finished)  new home. The construction of this kept me distracted and busy for the final part of 2014, so I haven’t been here as much as I would have liked, now I have my lovely studio I’m eager to be in touch more.

I have been hanging out a lot on instagram, quite addicted these days. You can find me there@ambahobrien

Happy making lovely people.



Ladies of Luxe

red riding hood yarns ladies


I am pretty excited to tell you about a yarn club I am designing for. This is a special treat put together by Hannah of Red Riding Hood Yarns She has selected 3 designers to each create a design based on a Lady of Luxe…..I’m keeping zipped about mine for now, but I cannot wait to tell you all about my glam lady.

Here’s Hannah’s designer announcement:

First up we have Holly from Hollyberry Designs. Holly is a multi talented woman who dyes and designs and farms as well as raising her tribe. Holly has a flair for unique designs and you will love what she has come up with for this club.

Then we have Ambah from ambah whose design aesthetic is nothing short of glorious. Striking silhouettes and construction techniques make for truly head turning garments.

Jenny from JCL-Created Cuddles.Gifted Embrace is a relatively new designer, but her eye for detail makes for beautifully elegant designs. A true natural at taking luxurious yarns and turning them into something stunning.

And some club details:

Here are the details you need to know about this years Ladies of Luxe adults only yarn club.

Signups will be next week Wednesday 25th of Feb at 8PM NZT via email.

If the choice between the two clubs is too much to bare, there is the option of receiving both lots of yarn each month as a VIP for an additional cost of $90.

One of the months also has the option of an extra skein of yarn to give you more pattern options ( i highly recommend this ). This will be an additional $30.

Judging by last years clubs members are in for a real treat, there will be luxe yarn, pattern and treats edible and non…so exciting!

Visit Hannah’s facebook page for more details and feel free to ask her any questions. If you are keen you may need to stalk her update as she sold out of the limited spots last year.

Once the club is complete, I will release my design on Raverly – stay tuned.

RRY luxe


Kalari Shawl



Howdy Knitters, I have a new design fresh off the press and in my Ravelry store. I thoroughly enjoyed making mine and so did my testers, I have loved the variegated versions that have emerged during the test. Above is my pattern sample, knit in truly beautiful Wollelfe merino/silk gradient. The magenta prototype below is knit in possum fur yarn! Check out the details on my project page here.

Kalari is a delightfully simple knit, perfect for cosying up by the fire and  dreaming of warmer days, or sitting by the beach and drifting off in the sun. The result: a versatile shallow triangular shawl, the subtle textures are perfect for showing off a gradient yarn or your favourite solid/variegated colour. Worked from the top-down, the repeats are easily memorised and this shawl is readily adapted by simply increasing or decreasing the number of repeats worked.

I have a special introductory offer to celebrate the release of Kalari through to February 10, details can be found on the Ravelry pattern page here.





Nardoo Shawl

nardoo back small nardoo small


Inspired by the structure of feathers, the chevrons representing the 
branches or barbs of a feather, the Nardoo Shawl is an asymmetrical triangular shawl, featuring a geometric zigzag eyelet lace design. Worked from the left tip, stitches are increased along the bottom edge, creating points along this edge, with the bind off edge forming the right side. This construction allows for easy customization according to your yardage or desired finished size. This is a simple project, suitable for an advanced beginner.

Happy New Year Lovely knitting folk, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Festive season and are settling down to some fun knitting projects. I have just released a new pattern on Ravelry today, the Nardoo Shawl. Once you get into the rhythm of this knit it makes for perfect mellow, post festive season knitting.

I have an introductory offer, good for a few days – until midnight January 7,  in your time zone. You can find all the details on the Ravelry Pattern page here.

Have a wonderful day


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