Sherbet Fountain Shawl

SF 1 600SF 7 600SF 9 600

Introducing my newest design; the Sherbet Fountain Shawl, released today.

A large, triangular shawl, perfect for wearing in multiple ways. I have long-dreamed of creating a design in this colour combination which reminds me of liquorice and lemon sherbet, which in turn reminds me of the Sherbet Fountain treat of my childhood!

This shawl is a fun, fast knit, perfect for adventurous beginners. Worked from the top down, the combination of textured rows keep it interesting as it grows, with the contrast colour adding something special.

Which two colours would you knit a Sherbet Fountain with?

check it out on Ravelry here, there’s details of a special introductory offer there too.

Happy Knitting!

Tsunami Hat

hat 1 hat 2 hat 3 hat 4 hat 5


Felix’s current craft project in school is to knit a colourwork hat. Yay!! Actually his was a bit slow going, I kept asking him about it – he designed the colour work months ago, and it sounded like his progress was snail paced. Until last weekend. He brought it home to work on and I couldn’t help myself, I had a little intervention. It was looking too small, the needles he was using were tiny and he was knitting so tight,….. After a little pleading I convinced him to let me unravel his work (I promised to re-knit the 10 rows he had done) I cast on onto much bigger needles (6mm). His work was so tight I could barely take it off the needles.

He was pretty reluctant to let me help after that, a little assistance here and there to help with a dropped stitch. I showed him how to do colourwork with two hands and he picked it up immediately, and managed to become a looser knitter, the big needles really helped him there.

He wanted blue colours and I found a palette for him to choose from. He chatted, while knitting about the tsunami/wave pattern he was creating  - this is a boy that loves to surf so it is a design close to his heart. He spent the next couple of days knitting consistently and insisted on finishing it – his craft teach will get a surprise tomorrow! He is so proud of his hat and has been wearing it to school.

Sea Dragon Shawl KAL


Dancing Dragon by SallyRavels

The first day of Spring today and day 1 of the Sea Dragon Shawl KAL in my Ravelry group. There has been loads of chatter in there already,in the weeks leading up to the KAL with many wonderful colour combinations being posted. I am so excited to see these knit up into little Dragons. I thought I would share some other Sea Dragon projects with you, these are knitted by the fabulous folk who test knit the Sea Dragon shawl pattern prior to it’s release. Click on the images to visit the project page.

Will you be knitting along with us? The KAL runs from today to mid-October and you can join in at any time.


Weedy by Mazadaz

heidi 197

Blue Sea Dragon by Heidi197


Sea Dragon Shawl by Wallke


Vanished into Stitches

rm rm1 rm3 rm4 rm12 rm8 rm11Wow. I am filled with awe and inspiration after visiting the wondrous Ruth Marshal show of knitted animal pelts at the National Wool Museum, Geelong, earlier this week. I know these images don’t do these beautiful works justice (iphone, poor lighting etc) this really is something that needs to be viewed in person to appreciate the artistry behind each stitch.

Ruth has a kit available on her website so you can make your own possum pelt, she has much better pictures there too……the kit is in here shop here.



detachable pom pom


tea cosy iphoneI made a tea cosy for my tea loving sweetie’s birthday on the weekend. He is pretty obsessed about his tea and the cosy passed his exacting insulating requirements – phew! He tells me is growing accustomed to the neon pompom I felt was a necessary finishing touch. luckily it is easily removable if he tires of it or when the cosy needs a bath.

I thought I’d share the handy tip of detachable pompoms here.

pompom step 1

make sure your pompom has two long tails when you make it.

pompom attachment

use a needle to pull the tails through to the inside.

pompom detachable

tie a double bow to hold it firmly in place, yet easily undo when it’s time.

tea cosy side small


I think I’ll write up this fast pattern and put it on my blog, would you make one?

Ravelry project page here

re – mirri

Mirri Collection 2014-1 front small


Currently I am in the process of updating all of my current patterns to a shiny new layout. This is a gradual effort so it will be a while before I get them all done. It is quite fun seeing them refreshed in this way.

Today I have just uploaded the new look Mirri Collection and to celebrate I am offering a $1 discount off any of the individual Mirri Patterns, the full eBook is still available at a great discount too. check out the Mirri Collection here.

Use the code: mirri on checkout to receive the discount, valid through to midnight this Sunday, August 17.

Happy Knitting!

Sea Dragon Shawl

PicMonkey Collage small


Inspired by sea creatures real and imagined, the Sea Dragon Shawl is knit from side to side, with short rows forming a shallow crescent shape. Its comfortable proportions are perfect for wrapping around the neck scarf-style or wearing around the shoulders. Choose between a small or large Sea Dragon Shawl and showcase your favourite yarn: go crazy with your leftover yarn stash and knit each segment in a different colour, use a gradient or variegated yarn, or go with your favourite solid colour combination.

I have been a little obsessed with these Sea Dragon shawls, I have actually had to force myself to stop making them at 4, when there are still so many other colour combination possibilities still whirring through my mind. The scrappy version was really a lot of fun to make, using up a bunch of leftover sock yarn skeins and collating them into a technicolor shawl.  Anyway I get to live vicariously through all of the other knitters who are making this in my upcoming Sea Dragon KAL. there are already some fabulous colour combinations being discussed in the KAL thread. The KAL starts September 1, visit the KAL thread to find out more, I’ll also post more details up here soon.

Meanwhile my Sea Dragon Shawl has been pre-released on Ravelry. Up until the start of the KAL, the pattern will have a special pre-release discount. Initially only the front page of the pattern will be available for you to download, then it will be automatically updated to the full pattern on September 1.

See all the details on the pattern page here.


bleeding blocking

scrappy profile

A short tale of woe and of a lesson learnt, or I should say re-learnt as I have already been here before. Always add white vinegar to your blocking water if you are blocking a project knit in multiple colours. That’s my rule, I live by it. Usually. When I blocked my Scrappy Sea Dragon I remembered I had run out of vinegar and yet still proceeded to plunge my project into the watery depths without so much as a thought to what I was doing. My heart sank when I pulled it out and realised what I had (or had not!) done. Colour bleed was immediately apparent, particularly with the sections knit with beautiful Madelinetosh yarns. Drats! OK this time I will never forget my golden blocking rule; add vinegar.

sd scrappy colour bleed

It’s not too bad in the scheme of things, it is still wearable Fortunately I had become somewhat addicted with this design, this is the fourth Sea Dragon I have made, so I still have 3 others for the pattern samples. I’ll be showing you those this week, as I am planning to pre-release the Sea Dragon Shawl Pattern on Ravelry. I am running a Sea Dragon KAL in my Ravelry group in September…more on that in a couple of days. Meanwhile here’s a few more shots of this scrappy version, knit up with my treasured collection of leftover sock yarns. The Ravelry project page is here.

Have you had any colour bleed disasters? What’s your tip to avoid it?


SD scrappy 1 s SD scrappy 2 s

Bendi Wool Show


aka the Australian Sheep and Wool Show was last weekend, the sun was shining and I have to say I had a merry time there. I shared the day with my gorgeous son, who was liberally treated along the way to assist his patience with my wool gazing, and it worked. Today he told me that he’d had a “lovely time” there, success. Apart from sampling as many treats as I would let him (fudge, Danish waffles…..) he was very discerning in his sampling of olive oils and insisted we return to purchase some on the way out, thanking me when we did for spoiling him – what a kid! My treats were of the woolier kind, my stash has been enhanced and it’s just so good to squeeze all the lovely yarn for future online buying reference. There really is so much to see at the show; we were there for hours and I’m sure I only caught a glimpse of all the beauties. Watching wood turning, spinning and other crafts and checking out the livestock were also highlights we both enjoyed, and as a knitter himself, Felix could certainly appreciate the workmanship in the many beautiful works in the woolcraft exhibit.

I had hoped to take some fabulous pictures, with only my iphone (ha!) when I looked back over them they are all a bit so so and, well, I got distracted by just being there. All is not lost, Kate’s post about Bendi has some gorgeous images if you are looking for some real Bendigo wool show eye candy go and check them out. I’m still gonna post some of mine here though…


giant fleece balls, I’m curious about these….are they decorative or functional?

stash lovelies. I surprised myself with that orange, but it’s pretty amazing in the flesh.

irresistible lace yarn, I forced myself to stop at 4 skeins of this. The colours are amazing – that pink!

birdie rainbow

where the lovely lace came from, in the hat box…

The Purl Box, tricky to get a clear picture here – it was always full of people! check out the Oyster & Duchess shawls all hanging about. Gorgeous yarn, lovely ladies.


this lady’s beautiful Jacket caught my eye.


note to self for future reference as this yarn comes without a band.

I love the Victorian feltmaker’s felted sign.

I agree with Felix, I had a lovely time too, actually it was a really special day.

Oh and this yarn bombing happened in Bendigo last Friday too.

Flying Duchess

duchess 7 small duchess 11 small

I have a new design out today; Flying Duchess.

Inspired by my favourite colour combination, and love of stripes and geometric patterning, Flying Duchess is a elongated shawl that can be worn around the shoulders or with the point at the front and the longs arms wrapped around and tied. Knit from the bottom up, Flying Duchess begins with geometric lace simple enough for an adventurous beginner and interesting enough to keep an accomplished knitter entertained. Simple decreases shape the shawl at the centre and the ends. Knit in DK/8ply weight yarn, this project moves along quickly.

Flying Duchess has been knit using beautiful Oyster yarns “Duchess” a delightfully soft  DK weight yarn with merino and silk fibres and a touch of sparkle. Check out the freshly topped up colours here.

See Flying Duchess on Ravelry here.  From now until midnight Sunday 13, July take $1 off your Flying Duchess purchase on Ravelry with the coupon code duchess

You’ll notice I have a shiny new pattern layout for this design, gradually , over the next few months, I will update all of my earlier patterns to this new format.

2014 06 16 Dutchess small duchess 6 small

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