Tutorial : Make a yarn Tassel


Add some tassel fun to your projects! Perfect additions for shawl points and for the Zarah Necklace.
Free download for the i-cord Tassel necklace PDF with these instructions included here.

Step 1: Cut a template out of cardboard or plastic. I cut a 2.75″/7cm x 4.25″/11cm rectangle so that I could make two different sized tassels.
Step 2: Wrap yarn around the template. Wind it over itself 20 or so times.

Step 3: Cut a piece of yarn and thread through the loop created at one end of the wrapped yarn. Tie to secure the yarn in place; this will also be used to attach the tassel.

Step 4: Cut through and remove template.

Step 5: Thread a length of yarn onto your darning needle. Wrap yarn around the uncut end. Wind it over itself to create several layers of wrapped yarn, securing the tassel.

Step 6: Trim and attach.