Tutorial: Join squares with single crochet

Join together the squares in your Radvent Throw with this simple crochet technique which results in a raised seam.

Step 1: Make a slip knot and place on crochet hook.
Step 2: With the right side of each square facing out, insert the hook through the front loop of the first stitch in the square closest to you
Step 3: Now insert the hook through the back loop of the corresponding first stitch in the square furthest from you.
Step 4: Wrap working yarn around the crochet hook and pull through the two stitches.
Step 5: Two stitches now on the hook and the first two stitch of each square joined together.
Step 6: Wrap yarn around the hook and pull through both of these stitches.
Step 7: One stitch remaining.
Repeat steps 2 - 7 until the two squares are joined along one edge.
Take care to line up the pattern as you join each square by working the corresponding sts of the 2 squares being joined.