Day 21

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Happy Solstice!

Welcome to Day 21 Find the day 21 thread here.

Happy Solstice everyone! The longest day for us here in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest night for the rest of you.

We have 3 fabulous prizes today, all from our dear sponsor Koigu Yarn aka dornoch. First winner, I have chosen BellaLisa for her amazing ability to be the first post with her gorgeous project on the daily thread nearly every day! Congratulations, you have won a Venation Shawl Original pencil box + I’ll send you the pattern.

Next up, randomly selected from the Day 19 posts #3 – 560, congratulations to post #377 littleberry, you have won Kentia Wrap Original yarn pack + I’ll send you the pattern.

and our third lucky winner gets a $100 Koigu gift card, congratulations to (also randomly selected from the day 19 thread) post #365 bufknitter.

Winners can you please message me your e-mail addresses and I’ll pass these on to Taiu to organise your prizes.

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