Day 24

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Things are getting festive around here….

Welcome to Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve! Do you have any special traditions for this day? We’ll be wrapping presents, making some bon-bons and perhaps partaking in a Mintini or two! 

I’ll be drawing today’s prize from the Day 22 thread and a thought occurred to me… that tomorrow, the 25th I’ll be drawing from the day 23 thread and then….?
So I have decided that on Day 25 I will open up this thread for us to continue the KAL in, where you’ll have until mid February to finish up and post your FO’s in the FO thread. (There’s some extra special prizes lined up for the FO thread)
On Day 26 AKA Boxing Day I’ll draw a winner from the Day 24 thread.
Then I’ll do a final December draw from the main thread on January 1 (with 3 winners!), that way each thread will have it’s own prize draw and there will be plenty of time for you to post your lovely projects in the main thread and have a chance for the final Advent prize draw of the year.

Congratulations to today’s winner, drawn from the Day 22 thread posts 3 – 570, congratulations to the winning post #14 Alcedoe, you have won a $100 gift card from Miss Bab’s yarn. Can you please message me your e-mail address and I’ll arrange your prize.

Everyone else can enjoy the annual gratitude sale from midnight on December 25 (Eastern Time), and runs through 11.59 on December 31. There will be an automatic 20% off during this time, no code needed.