Kentia Wrap

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Yarn and project details to help you plan your Kentia Wrap.

I’m really looking forward to the release of my latest collaboration with Koigu yarn later this month. The Kentia Wrap and I know some of you will be eager to get kits ahead of the pattern release, so here are some details for your project planning.

Designed to make the most of the Koigu pencil box set featuring 10 colours, paired with a contrasting colour to make the set shine. Kentia Wrap is a project to enjoy mosaic knitting a technique that is really is so much simpler than it looks. Unlike stranded colourwork, only one colour is worked per row, and stitches are slipped to create texture and pattern. Take it further by playing with colour in your project. Use this project to have a colourful knitting adventure.

Colour Notes: Alternating sections of mosaic and slip stitch are worked through this project.  The mosaic sections are most effective with highly contrasting colours. In my sample, I chose a light MC contrasting with dark CC. The reverse will also provide the desirable contrast. In the slip stitch section, I chose a subtle contrast of light CC with the light MC. The slip stitch section will be effective with either a strong contrast or, as mine is, a subtle contrast between the colours. 
Play further with colour by incorporating a fade with your CC or a striking array of colours. Alternately, keep it simple and sophisticated with a single CC.

Fingering weight
MC: 870 yd/796 m 
CC: Either 800 yd/740 m or a 10-colour gradient set, each skein consisting of 80 yd/74 m.
Colours in gradient set will be referred to as CC1 through CC10. 

Sample shown in: 
MC: Koigu, KPM, (fingering weight, 100% Merino, 175 yd/160 m per 
50 g), 1122
CC: Koigu, Pencil Box, (fingering weight, 100% Merino, 870 yd/796 m per 250 g), Kentia Wrap Set, colour numbers in order used: P494, P736, P825, P438, 1500, P741, P453, P524C, P530, P150B

Taiu from Koigu yarn is creating kits with my original colours and some gorgeous combinations of her own. To find out more and order these please check your local Koigu stockist or contact Koigu.