Knit August 2022

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Join me for my annual Knit August fun. A promotion I created to showcase some of my all time favourite designs through the month of August.
Every day in August I feature a pattern from my pattern catalog, the featured pattern of the day will have a 50% automatic discount (no codes needed).
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Each day I’ll share the newly featured pattern – it is always a surprise, I often don’t know until the day which will be next featured pattern! I can tell you this though; to allow for international timezones each Knit August promoted pattern will last for 48 hours.

Day 9 of Knit August

Today’s featured pattern is the Hakea Hat.

Hakea Hat is a fun way to play with colour. The contrasting slip stitch sections are easy to work; a single colour per round produces dramatic results. Use a colour-change yarn or make a scraptastic version by using those tiny leftovers you’ve been saving from a favourite project. Either way you’ll whiz through each round to get to the next colour and have a gorgeous hat in no time. The slip stitch pattern reminds me of the spiky flowers of the Hakea plant, an Australian native of which there are many varieties. It’s well worth a google search if you are unfamiliar with these beautiful plants.

Enjoy an automatic 50% off for the next 48 hours. Find the pattern on Ravelry here and on Etsy here.