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2024 Mini-Munch KAL!

Join us for a mini-munching KAL, use those minis and inspire each other!

KAL Dates
February 7 – June 4, 2024.

Knit up any Ambah pattern and incorporate at least one Mini Skein. (Partial Skein from stash totally counts!) Join us over here in Ambah’s Ravelry group and with #minimunchKAL2024

There’s a list of Ambah patterns perfect for minis, check the bundle on Ravelry here.
Shiny new patterns will arrive during the KAL period too.

Or get creative and exchange a 100g skein for 5 20g minis and turn any Ambah pattern into a mini-muncher.

WIPs are welcome – finish up those Festive KAL WIPs.

Complete your Mini-Munch project and post in the Ravelry FO thread by midnight June 4, 2024 to be eligible for the KAL prize drawing.

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