This or That MKAL 2024

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Join us for a choose your own adventure mystery knit along (MKAL).

This or That begins with a choice between your preferred shape, Shawl or Wrap, followed by clues presented weekly over four weeks. Both the Shawl and Wrap will follow the same design/stitch patterns; only the shape will differ. Each of the clues will offer a choice between Path A or Path B. Follow Path A or Path B for a standalone design with each clue flowing into the next. Or mix it up as each choice is presented to you; start with Path A or B, then work Path B or A and so on. Some clues will provide two choices along the way, a total of six “A or B” decisions to make. With This or That, the adventure is all yours.

Pattern will go on sale on Ravelry and Payhip June 1, 2024. A placeholder page will be sent out initially with weekly updates as follows:

Placeholder/planning page: June 1, 2024
CLUE 1: June 14, 2024.
CLUE 2: June 21, 2024.
CLUE 3: June 28, 2024.
CLUE 4: July 5, 2024.
FO Thread Prize Draw: July 31, 2024.

Join us in Ambah’s Ravelry group for pre-KAL Chat. Find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Fingering weight
C1, C2, C3: 400 yd/366 m each Total yardage for each colour can be either a single skein or mini skeins. Eg 5 x 20 g minis or 3 x 33 g minis per 400 yd/366 m requirement

  • C1 and C2 need to contrast strongly.
  • C3 can be the same colour as either C1 or C2.
  • This will work well with a gradient yarn; whole cake or mini skeins. Swap C1 or C2 and/or C3 with a gradient yarn.
  • C1 will be the more dominant colour in your project than C2.

Below are the yarns I used for each of my 4 samples, for two projects I used a dark C1 and light C2, for the other two projects I swapped it, using a light C1 and Dark C2.

US 5/3.75 mm
Or sizes required to obtain gauge

Optional stitch markers to mark repeats, tapestry needle

Suitable for confident knitters; advanced beginner and beyond.

Click on Schematic images below for shapes and dimensions.


Can I adjust the length/width of the wrap?
The width:
The stitch count will need some specific adjusting depending on which option you choose, it can also work for a mixed A + B path but there will be limited stitch count options for this. I can share some tips when we get to the first clue.
Increased width will obviously mean more yarn used.
The length:
The pattern is designed to flow through the sections and the length will be trickier to modify, not impossible but not a straightforward mod to work along the way.

Knitting time difference between clues for Shawl or Wrap?
The wrap maintains a stitch count and the clues will be fairly even knitting time.
The shawl increases the stitch count and the first couple of clues will be somewhat less knitting time, with a little more toward the end.

The pattern will include written versions of any charts used