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This or That MKAL 2024

Welcome to Clue 1! Think of this as a warm up clue to ease you into the MKAL. Things will really heat up in Clue 2 and beyond. Shawl knitters will have less to knit this week, they will make up for this in the last clues though. There’s no rush! Some knitters will finish quickly and others will take weeks to knit this clue, just knit at your own pace. You will find company, even when the other Clue threads open. Spoilers ahead, scroll down to see pictures of the first clue.

For all links and MKAL details see this post.

COLOURS Here you will see how your C1 and C2 interact with each other and how C3 contrasts (unless you are using a C3 that is the same as C1 or C2) 200g mini set/ fade tips: I treated my 6 colour, 200g mini set (used in Shawl B) as a fade and continued knitting C2 and C3 without breaking the yarn, working from dark  to contrast with my light C1 to light. C2 is used more in the earlier parts of the project and later there is more C3, so there is less requirement for the strong contrast later in the project. Since C1 and C2 will use a fair bit less than C3 you may like to change over minis before you finish them to maximize the use of each mini or at the final clue you’ll have an option to extend your project if you have any C3 leftover, so may be able to make it a bit longer.

This will also work for a 10 x 20g mini set or other 200 g / 800 yd combination. If you have a 100g mini set use them for one of the 3 colours; C1, C2 or C3.

For list of total yardages used for each option with Clue yardages updated each Clue release see this blog post.

LACE TIPS We have lace in this clue. I have created an introduction to lace knitting tutorial, if lace makes you nervous please take a look for some hints.

Consider swatching your lace to build confidence in how it will form.  Do this by casting on the number of edge stitches and 1 (or more) of the pattern repeats – count the number of stitches used at the bottom of the chart. I have the swatch cast on numbers here for you:

Shawl Path A: 32 sts Shawl Path B: 22 sts Wrap Path A: 30 sts Wrap Path B: 29 sts

Work from your preferred instructions ( chart or written) referring to the other version can also help to provide clarity if you’re unsure of something.

Use your swatch as a reference when knitting your actual project, it can help you see how you’re going.

ADJUST WRAP WIDTH: OPTIONAL; Make your wrap wider: To be able to mix up both A & B options in one project you’ll need to add additional sts in multiple of 60 sts. OR Option A only: Add multiple of 12 sts Option B only: Add multiple of 10 sts