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This or That MKAL 2024

Welcome to Clue 2! 

You will discover each option, A or B is travelling down a unique path of its own. 

Will you stick to one path or mix it up along the way?

You have two A or B choices to make this week, which path will you take? First up we delve into mosaic knitting. If you’re new to this technique, don’t worry I’ve got you! I have created an introduction to Mosaic knitting Tutorial and you’ll be able to see why this wonderful technique really is so much easier than it looks.

Scroll down for spoiler images of Clue 2. I chose a Dark C1 for Shawl A and Wrap B and a light C1 for Shawl B and Wrap A. Chart users will notice there are two charts for each option, this is to allow you to choose the chart that best represents your main colour, so it’s easier to follow along. Choose between the Dark C1 charts and the Light C1 charts.

I have added the yardages used for Clue 2 to a dedicated yardages blog post here. This includes the Clue 1 and total yardages.

For all links and MKAL details see this post.